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12 of the cutest travel mugs currently on the market!

In 2017/18, the single most talked-about piece of trash is the disposable coffee cup. Many of us, myself included, were completely taken aback at the revelation that they were not, in fact, recyclable, followed by that creeping feeling of horror reserved for when you realise you’ve done something completely the wrong way for ten years straight.

I, for one, totally understand the reliance on takeaway coffee. There’s the caffeine boost, which many of us rely on (#mumlife). But more significantly, a hot cup of coffee in your hand while you’re running errands, watching your child slide down the same slide for the seven millionth time in a row or slogging your way through a particularly difficult piece of work can be hugely comforting.

So what can we do, other than give up the coffee habit? Buy a re-useable cup, obviously, and buy one that you like so much that you’ll be motivated to carry it around and use it as much as possible. There are infinite amounts of re-useable coffee cups available, and they come in plastic, steel and glass variations, so there really is no excuse. Many coffee shops, chain and independent, also offer a discount for bringing your own cup, so it won’t even be a financial loss in the long-term.

I’ve put together the 12 cutest travel mugs I could find to give you some inspiration. There’s a range of materials, sizes, patterns and price points, so you’re almost certain to find something that works for you. Pro tip: if you have more than one, you’ll always have a clean travel mug to chuck in your bag when you’re running out of the house in the morning.

the 12 cutest travel mugs you can find!

  3. AMAZON* (£8.65)
  4. IKEA (£7)
  5. AMAZON* (£24)

finding the cutest travel mugs

  1. AMAZON* (from £12.95)
  2. AMAZON* (£9.95)
  3. AMAZON* (£16.95)
  4. JOHN LEWIS (£14)
  5. JOHN LEWIS (£15)


  1. March 7, 2018 / 12:31 pm

    Cute round up! I should probably buy an new one soon. I got mine way back when there was only one band making the “fake toss away” cups. And it broke and it glued together. But that also means it is just plain white but I splurged and got the additional lime green lid. Sadly I never use it when going to a coffee shop! It only holds 10oz, and a small in the states is 12 oz so I get slightly ripped off. On top of that (which I could deal with) is that some chains refuse to fill up the cup unless it has their logo. Which is suuuuper annoying!

    • hannahcolquhoun
      March 7, 2018 / 12:46 pm

      Oooooh that is so cheeky! EVERY business should make it a core part of their model to reduce waste, and there’s literally nothing easier that if the customer is doing the work for you! Totally get your frustration 😕