The Best Places for Vegan Pizza in Liverpool

Liverpool these days has transformed into a proper hub of food outlets. You can find pretty much anything you could possibly be after, especially in the city’s central areas such as Bold Street and the Baltic Triangle. So whether you’re planning a visit and looking for some ideas of where to eat, or just craving some pizza, read on for the best places for vegan pizza in Liverpool!

Vegan Pizza Liverpool

Vegan Pizza at Crust

Crust has been around for some time now, and as well as their original Bold Street venue, they now have now in the south of the city in Woolton as well. They very much specialise in pizza, and while they’re not a vegan venue by any means, they’ve got some seriously good options. Any of their vegetarian option can be customised to use vegan cheese, and they have four different crust options – classic, organic, five grain, and black dough. If you’ve got a separate dessert stomach, they also have vegan cheesecake jars to finish off the experience!

Find them at: Bold Street in the city centre, or Allerton Road in Woolton Village (NOT the L18 Allerton Road bit!)


A relatively new addition to the city, Neapolitan is based on Lime Street and offers traditional wood-fired pizza. They’ve a small but refined vegan offering, including the traditional cheese-less marinara as well as a few more specialist options, such as a vegan Bianca.

Find them at: Lime Street

Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana

A slightly larger chain with outlets across the UK, Rudy’s offers a large traditional pizza menu, and any of their pizzas can be topped with vegan cheese. They also offer a marinara option, and for dessert you can pick up some vegan strawberry gelato.

Find them at: Castle Street, Bold Street, and the Albert Dock

Baltic Pizza Company

Based in the Baltic Triangle as the name suggests, Baltic Pizza Company offer a small and neat menu of pizzas, including margarita and funghi, with the option to swap to vegan mozzarella. They pride themselves on their first-class ingredients, building on a sourdough base and and classic toppings.

Find them at: Stanhope Street in the Baltic Triangle


Another sourdough-loving pizza company, Pizzacake can make all their vegetarian options vegan by swapping to vegan cheese. They too are based on Stanhope Street in the old Cairns Brewery Village, and are a relatively new addition to Liverpool’s pizza circuit, having launched in 2021

Find them at: Stanhope Street

Little Furnace

Moving up the postcodes to Smithdown Road, Little Furnace has an entire dedicated vegan menu. The fully pizza-focussed restaurant serves up delights like Zingything and the Archimedes, alongside classics such as a vegan margherita.

Find them at: Smithdown Road

Love and Rockets

Based on the absolutely ICONIC Lark Lane, Love and Rockets offer only one vegan pizza option (the Veggie Feast), but they DO make up for that with a selection of vegan puddings – Apple Pie and a Brownie Sunday! Plus, Lark Lane is one of the best places in the entire South of the city, so if you’re visiting there anyway, try to drop by!

Find them at: Lark Lane

The Fat Italian

With a couple of locations around Merseyside and Lancs, The Fat Italian‘s Crosby venue has an entire vegan menu. Choose from a list of vegan pizza or pasta dishes, and finish off with dessert – the amaretto one sounds delightful to me!

Find them at: Coronation Road, Crosby