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The products in the post were provided free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own, as usual.

EcoCosmetics Hair Mousse - Vegan, ECOCERT certified and cruelty-free hair care

Listen, I love Summer as much as the next person. Longer days, more light, more energy, sunlight on my skin… it’s great. But the season also brings its own set of beauty problems along: I burn easily, meaning I have to wear sunscreen 24/7, but it often causes breakouts on my skin. Also, my hair is out of control. The windy Merseyside winters mean that I always have my hair up in some elaborate braid to keep it from tangling beyond rescue. But in Summer, I’d really like to wear my hair down! Turns out, though, The winds blow over the Mersey as much in July as they do in January, and any humidity makes my hair go all flat at the top and frizzy at the bottom. The end result is a triangular look, which I’ve got to say doesn’t totally suit me… 

EcoCosmetics - Vegan & Green Hair and Sun Care

…so, when EcoCosmetics got in touch this summer, asking whether I’d like to give their sunspray and hair mousse a whirl, I jumped at the chance! The German brand grew its roots when Dieter Sorge, a natural therapist, joined an ecological and organic cosmetics company. He was able to infuse his experience with natural healing into the formulation of the company’s beauty products, and EcoCosmetics was born. What sets the brand apart from other natural beauty producers is their ECOCERT certification. ECOCERT is an independent inspecting body, which supports and promotes sustainability, organic agriculture and responsible practices in producers of a wide range of products, from farming to cleaning products to companies like EcoCosmetics. Personally, my only criticism is that packaging – it’s plastic and not all parts are completely recyclable.

EcoCosmetics Sunspray

In addition to their ECOCERT, EcoCosmetics are also vegan (with the exception of the hairspray), the sun care products are coral-reef friendly and everything is completely cruelty-free. My hopes are that the sunspray will provide protection from UV rays without causing my skin to react. It comes in a useful 100ml hybrid spray/tube, which means it’s small enough to take on a plane and large enough to last you for a while. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that the hair mousse can give my tresses a bit of volume and support without weighing it down. I’ve been using both products for a week or so, and so far, I really like them. I love that there are no unnecessary colours in the packaging or the products, and that the scent is not overly strong. I’ve also found them very gentle on my skin and easy to apply. Just make sure you shake the sunspray if you’re using it, otherwise it comes out all powdery… trust me, I learnt that the hard way!

EcoCosmetics are currently available from Pravera in the UK.

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