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Lemon Linzer Cookies

A Linzer Tarte is a traditional tarte in Germany, usually made with what we would consider a pie shell on UK/US soil, filled with jam, and topped with a latticed pie crust top. I had initially considered making the proper tarte for vegan mofo this year, but then remembered that a) I don’t really like it THAT much and b) I am way better at making biscuits. So instead of what is essentially jam pie, I’m bringing you a delicate biscuit filled with a tangy marmelade: lemon linzer cookies.

Homemade Lemon Linzer Cookies

For some reason, cookies and biscuits are an area of baking that I’m really enjoying at the moment, and that I’m getting more confident in, too. I’ve been experimenting with seasonal twists on classic recipes, and took the inspiration for this particular recipe from the unusually hot summer we’ve had in the UK this year. When I was planning this recipe a month ago, I thought that using lemon instead of the red jam traditional in Linzer tartes would be a fun twist, and would fit in nicely with the last rays of sunshine in early September. I had forgotten that we can experience all four seasons in less than a fortnight in this country and, now that I’m actually publishing the recipe, Merseyside is experiencing what is essentially winter. So instead of being seasonally fitting, these Linzer cookies will just have to be a tribute to that glorious summer we had all those months ago last week.

Lemon Linzer Cookies - a stacked biscuit with lemon marmelade
Vegan Lemon Linzer Cookies
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