Christmas | Vegan Candy Coating & Homemade Peppermint Candies

vegan candy coating

If you follow me on Pinterest, You might know that I like to pin baking accessories, and that I’ve posted a few Cake Pop related things over the years. I think Cake Pops are really cute things, they aren’t hard to make and there are plenty of vegan recipes out there, like this Vegan Housewives one. The decorating possibilities are seemingly endless, they’re the perfect size to have two (or twelve, I won’t tell) and they are just so damn photogenic. However, those of us who avoid dairy do have a little disadvantage to deal with: many standard decorating instructions call for candy coating, also referred to as candy melts. This product comes in an array of colours, is easy to use, super-versatile and delivers great results. They’re staple ingredient for cake pops, but can also be used to make all sorts of confectionery. Unfortunately, all the versions currently on the market contain plenty of dairy. So for vegans, a vegan candy coating recipe is a must.

gingerbread and peppermint candiesvegan peppermint candies

Today, I’ve got a double-value post for you ;). I’m giving you a slightly updated version of my 4-year-old vegan candy coating recipe, which is one of my most-viewed recipes ever. On top of that, I’m adding a few extra steps that make the simple coating into a delicious vegan peppermint candy. I’ve been topping my smoothie bowls with them – extra luxury and very appropriate for this time of year!

vegan cake pop coatingvegan white chocolate coating

If you’re a bit more delicate with shaping the round buttons, you can even use them as decorations for cakes, gingerbread houses and cupcakes. Clearly I couldn’t be bothered, so I just scattered my vegan candy coating turned peppermint candy around my gingerbread, hoping no-one will notice. Lazy.

gingerbread housepeppermint candies

[yumprint-recipe id=’20’]This post was first published in September 2013 and updated in December 2017.