[ad] Your Complete Guide to a Spooky Christmas

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Hello Christmas Shopping Season! With 2023 being the whiplash experience it has been for most of us, I think we’re all looking forward to a good old Winter break – whether that involved Spooky Christmas, normal, not-spooky Christmas, another celebration around solstice season, or just some bloody well-deserved time off.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a good chunk of dedicated family time and reflection. This year has been hectic beyond belief, and I’ve found myself wondering whether this is just what happens when you get older, or if I’m simply trying to do too much. I am, of course, also very excited for delicious food, lots of fun and games, and the truly magical time between Christmas and New Year. Oh, and gift exchanges! I promise I’m not super shallow and materialistic, but gift-giving is a major love-language for me. One of my favourite things to do is to pick the most perfect present for everyone on my list, something I know they’ll use and cherish and that will make a difference to the every time they see it – even if that difference is just a moment of joy and a little smile.

But at the same time, we’ve seen conflict beyond anything we’ve known in most of our lifetimes, the climate crisis continues, prices are through the roof, and we’re all trying to do more with less this Winter and beyond. If you’re shopping for gifts, decorations, or cards for a spooky Christmas 2023, I really really want to encourage you to shop small if and where you can. Small businesses are being hit so hard right now, with supply costs rising and their customers’ spendable income falling. Lots of my favourite small shops have folded this year, with others barely clinging on. Anything you can buy from a small business rather than a big chain will make it more likely that they’ll still be here for us to buy from next year.

I’m working with Etsy* to put together an susty, spooky Christmas guide for you. It’s full of picks from UK-based businesses and creators, and I hope you can find some inspiration! My absolute favourites are linked directly below, but I’ve also included a link to collections for each category, for even more inspo. If goth Christmas isn’t your thing, then Etsy also have a whole host of curated ideas for every taste, recipient and budget*!

Spooky Christmas - your complete guide

Magical Christmas Gifts for Witchy Ones

Obviously I had to start off this guide with a selection of gifts for your spooky friends and family. Or your spooky self. Self-gifting should be more of a thing. Nothing good in here? You can find a few more ideas in my full Witchy Gift Collection!

Gift Guide Image - Gifts for Witchy Ones
  1. Altar in a Tin // Boadicea Witches
  2. To Boo List // Gothic Stationery Co
  3. Dark Forest Lunar Calendar // Home Seasons Emporium
  4. Tarot Card Necklace // Mystic Jewellery by Mia

Spooky Christmas Home Decor

Important note: I don’t think you need to buy lots of specific Creepmas decorations. It’s wasteful, you can use your Halloween decs all your round like a good little goth. Pop a Santa hat on your skulls, glitter up the bats, teach your black cat to meow a traditional carol… you get my gist. But I also thing there’s something nice about adding a little bit to my Christmas collection each year… and since I’m growing our potted Christmas tree and it gets a little bigger each year, we do need to add a few bits every Christmas…

More Spooky Christmas ideas HERE!

Gift Guide Image -  Spooky Holiday Decor
  1. Gingerbread Ghost Decoration // Megan and the Moon
  2. Funny Tarot Ornaments // Black Cat Creations
  3. Cosy Ghost Print // Sand Star Art
  4. Spooky Tree Ornaments // Arcadia Creations

Creepmas Card

Full disclosure: I don’t send spooky Christmas cards. Or any Christmas cards. I’d like t say that it’s because I make a big donation instead, or because I’m concerned about all the waste it creates, but in truth, I just can’t be bothered. BUT – lots of people love sending cards and if that’s you, I’ve put my favourites together for you!

Gift Guide Image - Spooky Christmas Cards

  1. Season’s Creepings Card // You’re So Cool
  2. Gothic Santa Card // Violet Moth Shop
  3. Santa Cat Card // The Misfit Paper Co
  4. Ghost Candles Card // Lydia Leigh Art