Valentine’s Day | Ethical Gifts for your Vegan Valentine

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Valentine’s Day. It’s a marmite holiday, isn’t it, you either go all out or you consider it a capitalist consumer trap that is literally the devil. There is no in-between. My Vegan Valentine approach has always been to embrace it. I love moving through all the special days the calendar year offers, and after the years we’ve had, I think that’s more important than ever. So if there was ever a time to go mad over what many consider to be a non-holiday, I’d say Valentine’s 2023 is it! Just remember – gifts aren’t the only way to celebrate V-Day. Whether it’s not in your budget this year, or gifts just aren’t your love language – remember to buy consciously and only if it’s something the recipient will both love and use.

Finding gifts for your vegan Valentine is still a bit more of a challenge than, say, vegan Christmas or Easter gifts. Budgets tend to be more strained at this time of the year, and small vegan Valentine-themed food gifts haven’t quite made it to the mainstream yet (2024, our expectations are high!). But with a little thought (and a whole lot of searching my favourite stores), I’ve put together a gift guide full of plant-based and ethical options to help you find some ideas.

Vegan Valentine's Gifts for Her

Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts for her:

  1. Thyme Card // Wearth London
  2. Leaf Ring // Etsy
  3. Boob socks // The Spark Company
  4. Shower Gel Bottle // Wearth London
  5. Buff Naked Gift Set // Wearth Longon
  6. My Last Fuck Candle // Etsy
  7. Tarot Jigsaw* // The Spark Company
Vegan Valentine's Gifts for Him

Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts for him:

  1. Dog Walking Kit // Etsy
  2. Copper Pick // Etsy
  3. Smoothie Cup // Wearth London
  4. Jellyfish Air Plant // Wearth London
  5. Record Cuff Links // Etsy
  6. Date Night Cards // Etsy
  7. Sourdough Making Kit // Crumb

Still looking for ideas?

If none of these are quite right, but you’re still looking for a sustainable and vegan valentine’s gift, remember that the best gift you can get is something they need and will use. Food gifts are always wonderful to receive, especially if they’re something the recipient wouldn’t usually buy for themselves. Little homeware luxuries are another good option – think nice mugs, scented candles, prints, anything that will bring a little bit of joy every time it is seen or used. The most important thing about gifting is the intention, not how fancy or expensive the gift is. It’s also totally fine (and to be encouraged!) to buy gifts secondhand. After all, wouldn’t you much rather receive the perfect pre-loved present rather than something you’ll hide at the back of the cupboard and never look at again?

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