The Best Vegan Advent Calendars of 2022

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I love making a big thing out of advent – the time between the first advent Sunday and Christmas (or ‘Adventszeit’ in German). We decorate together on the last weekend of November, start listening to Christmas music, watch ALL the Christmas films (Elf is a fave, obviously), and we start baking lots and lots of cookies. Growing up, homemade advent calendars were a big thing, and while I usually love making them, this year has been so overwhelming that I’m making life easy for myself and am buying them. With the exception of Arlo, of course, who will benefit from my mum’s genius idea of just getting a small pack of Duplo and putting one brick in each little pouch of a refillable advent calendar. Sorted!

Vegan Advent Calendars

If, like me, the DIY option just isn’t going to happen this year, or you just need one to materialise fast because HELLO LAST MINUTE DOT COM AND IT’S ALREADY DECEMBER, I’ve spent some time scouring all my favourite online retailers for the best vegan advent calendars of 2022. I’ve found chocolate options for those who like to keep it classic, non-chocolate-but-still-edible versions for the people who claim to not like chocolate (what’s wrong with you?) and finally some vegan beauty calendars, which are ridiculously indulgent but also quite a lot of fun. Finally, something I haven’t included but is worth noting: there are lots of toy-based advent calendars, which are vegan by their very nature and lovely for kids. I recommend giving the crappy ones full of plastic that will go in the bin a swerve. However, if you have the spare cash, there are also some real gems, like the lego ones and book calendars!

Vegan Advent Flatlay
Festive Advent Calendar Flatlay

As always, buy consciously, don’t feel bad about treating yourself or your loved ones, but also don’t get yourself into debt or spend money that you really need for other things on something as non-essential as an advent calendar. Remember, their purpose is to make the lead up to Christmas sweeter and more fun, NOT to cause you financial issues and sleepless nights.

Flatlay of vegan moo free advent calendars

The Best Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendars of 2022

chocolate vegan advent calendars
  1. Moo Free Dairy Free Chocolate Advent Calendar // GreenBay
  2. Cocoa Libre Vegan Advent Calendar // CocoaLibre
  3. H!P Oat Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar // GreenBay
  4. 45% Nutmilk Chocolate Advent Calendar // Hotel Chocolat
  5. Divine Deliciously Smooth Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar // GreenBay
  6. NOMO Premium Caramel Advent Calendar // NoMo
  7. Montezuma Milk Chocolate Alternative Children’s Advent Calendar // Montezuma

The Best Vegan Edible Advent Calendars of 2022

edible vegan advent calendars
  1. Coffee Advent Calendar // Beanies
  2. Clipper Tea Calendar // Ethical Superstore
  3. Jam Advent Calendar // Bonne Maman
  4. Candy Kittens Advent Calendar Tree // Candy Kittens
  5. Tea Advent Calendar // Pukka
  6. Joe & Seph’s Popcorn Advent Calendar // Joe & Seph’s

The Best Vegan Beauty & Home Advent Calendars of 2022

  1. 12 Days of Christmas // Lush
  2. Baylis and Harding Signature for Him Advent Calendar // Boots
  3. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar // Boots
  4. You Are The Revolution Advent Calendar // £30.00 // Revolution Beauty
  5. Invisibobble Advent Calendar // LOOKFANTASTIC
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