[ad] I Tried the New Feel Protein Bar Range – Here’s my Take!

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We are Feel - New Vegan Protein Bars in Review

EDIT – unfortunately, it looks like Feel aren’t currently selling these protein bars anymore. I’ll continue to check and update if this changes. In the meantime, check out Bulk and MyVegan for some highly-recommended protein bar alternatives!

A decade ago, before plant-based living took off, vegan protein supps were, er, functional above all else. These days, we’re spoilt for choice. But as with anything, there’s always room for improvement, so when Feel *got in touch asking me to write a review of their new vegan feel protein bar*, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

About Feel*

Feel, whose products you may have seen displayed in various high street health food specialists, started off as a vitamin supplement company. These days, they focus on fully plant-based self-care products that cost neither the planet nor your life’s savings, and have expanded their range to include vegan collagen, protein supplements, and their mood tropics range. Using ‘honest ingredients’ Feel prioritise effective, not excessive dosage, and avoid using fillers or other nutritionally useless ingredients. Their products are primarily based on a subscription model (and you can get 10% off your first month with PARTNER10), but you can buy them in-store and individually online, too.

The Feel range is:

  • completely vegan
  • combineable
  • nut-free
  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free

Vegan Feel Protein Bar Review

The Feel protein bar range tastes excellent. I always think that when people say a protein bar tastes like a chocolate bar they’re either a) lying or b) nutritionally just a chocolate bar with an extra gram of protein or two. And while these bars aren’t a Mars bar, they’re really quite enjoyable, which isn’t always the norm for a protein bar. They’re layered, with a protein layer, caramel, protein crispies for extra crunch, and coated in chocolate – and taste every bit as good as that sounds.

Feel protein bar information
Feel protein bar ingredients

They also contain a full 14g of protein and only 1.6g of sugar, and are sweetened with stevia. They’re not grainy, slightly chewy, easy to transport and, best of all, the packaging is fully plastic-free and compostable (hello Plastic Free July!)

Price-wise, I would say they’re very much at the lower end of midrange. A one-off purchase of 12 will (at the time of writing), cost you £22, which is just under the £2 per bar that I consider average for a vegan protein bar. If you subscribe, you’re looking at £19 per month, which is slightly less (duh, Hannah). So while they’re not cheap, I’d say the price is reasonable, and well below some of the competitor brands on the market.

I had the chance to try all three flavours – Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel, and Peanut. While I’d choose the variety pack, I have to admit that Salted Caramel was a special favourite. I’m currently training back to a sub-30 5k (pregnancy did a number on me…) and Salted Caramel is an excellent post-workout snack to look forward to! Anyone else motivated solely by food…?

We are feel protein bar review

As a low-waste, sustainable, plant-based option, the Feel protein bar range scores top marks from me. I love seeing the wellness and fitness industry going so far beyond the giant black tubs of whey protein, finding new, more ethical and sustainable ways to deliver popular supplements. Excited to see where Feel go next!

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